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Polyurethane Liquid Coatings – Pmma Quick Curing Resins

Specialists in the installation of seamless cold applied polyurethane liquid systems and PMMA quick curing resins for flat roofs balconies and walkways in a wide range of colours and effects to suit your waterproofing requirements . These liquid waterproofing systems provide one of the most popular and effective methods for making your new or existing roof waterproof. Compatible with most substrates and easily detailed giving a very modern look to your roofing project .Ideal for new build or refurbishment and protecting weathered worn and damaged substrates on many types of buildings .

Specialists in balcony refurbishment & balustrade installation .

New build • Residential Blocks • Warehouses • Factories • Hotels • Schools/Colleges • Hospitals/Care Homes

10/20/25 year single point manufacturers warranties available upon request .

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